Ultraviolet Sterilizer



Spread of Infection
One of the biggest fears in any fish hatchery is having an infection of any variety spread throughout the system.  These concerns are increased when running a centrally filtered system.  In reality, hands, nets, suction hoses and the like are just as likely to spread contamination from one tank to the other.  With a large number of tanks it is too difficult to sterilize hoses, nets, hands etc in between use in each tank.  This would add an hour to vacuuming the bottom of tanks alone.  As an aid to reducing the spread of infection and bacterial blooms throughout the system, I added an Aqua-UV 120 watt ultra-violet sterilizer.  I actually stole it off of my pond where its main function is to reduce the amount of suspended algae.  With the entire flow of water running through the unit, contact time is probably not long enough to kill all of the organisms that are suspended in the water.  I can only hope that it is helping :)

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