Halfblack veil pair
hhVV(M)  X  hhV+(or VV)(F)


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Marble veil, Hybrid black veil pair
MgV+(M)  X  DgV+(F)

This pair will produce 25% gold (gg), 25% hybrid black (Dg), 25% marble (Mg), and 25% dark marble (DM).  They will throw 25% standard finned, 25% superveil and 50% veil.  The fry in the pictures are just starting to free swim.



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Halfblack Superveil Pair
hhVV(M)  X  hhVV(F)

This pair will produce 100% halfblack veils.  I believe both parents are superveils so all fry should also be superveils.  



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Hybrid Black Pair
DgV+(M)  X  Dg(F)


This pair will produce 25% double dark blacks, 50% hybrid blacks and 25% golds.  Half of the fry will be veil, half will be regular finned.  They routinely parent raise until about 2 weeks free swimming.


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Marble Veil Pair
Mgp+V+ X  Mgp+V+


This pair will produce 75% marble fry 25% gold fry.  2/3 of the marble fry will be single dose, 1/3 will be double dose marble.  25% of the fry will show pearlscale (pp).

 75% of the fry will be veils with 1/3 of that being superveils.  All veils should be combtail.



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Gold Veil Pair
ggp+V+ X ggV+



This pair will produce all gold fry.  The male is a combtail veil the female is a regular veil.  25% of the fry will be regular finned, 50% will be veils and 25% will be superveils.  The male carries a pearlscale gene.  The female may as well.




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