Heat Exchanger

Heating a Hatchery
There are many ways to heat a fish hatchery, mine is a little different.  Most people heat the room and insulate it well.  This is definitely more cost effective than using electric heaters in each of the tanks.  If you have a small number of tanks, or many in a large open area where 80 degree temperatures are unrealistic, then individual heaters are the only way to go.  If you are running on a central system as most of the tanks at Angels Only are, then a single heater can be employed.  This can still be electric, a separate gas fired heater like a small pool heater, or a heat exchanger hooked up to your existing boiler or hot water tank.
Heat Exchanger
A heat exchanger takes the hot water from a boiler or hot water tank and places it in contact, through a metal jacket, with your system water.  Typically the hot water is flowing in the opposite direction of the system water heating the water in a counter current exchange fashion.  The unit I am using is made by Aquatemp and is distributed locally for use in outdoor ponds to keep them warm during the winter.  You can get one online here.  It is all stainless steel and uses a coil for hot water flow inside of a 3 inch jacket.  The connections are standard 2 inch PVC connectors.
Temperature Controller

The perfect thermostat for the system is one made by Ranco.  It is all electronic, adjustable, and has a temperature probe that fits perfectly into the sensor well of the heat exchanger.  They are not very expensive and available through several sites on the web.  The lowest price I found was at Grainger Industrial Supply.  They come in several different styles and voltages.  The thermostat simply opens a standard heating zone valve which activates a circulator pump.  The system was originally set up as a third zone on my heating system using the standard circulator pump off my boiler.  This works great during the winter, but requires the boiler to stay hot during the summer when it would otherwise not be used.  A second loop was added to the system off the hot water heater using a separate stainless steel circulator pump, Grundfos model UP 15-18SU.  Ball valves in the right places allow the system to be switched to use either the hot water heater or boiler.

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