This is the main hatchery layout.  The fish room contains 92 29 gallon tanks.  Although the racks would hold 99, one space is lost for the dehumidifier, 3 spaces for an overhead I-beam, and 3 spaces are left open on the bottom to ensure that the sumps are always draining properly.  Each rack holds 3 levels of tanks with the drain sumps below.  The filtration system is housed next door in the "boiler room".  Details and pictures of the system can be seen by clicking on the picture or links below.  Additional tanks are housed outside of this room.  These are used for hatching eggs and raising fry to a little less than dime sized.  At that time they are moved into the main room shown below for final growout.  Currently there are 3 10 gallon tanks for hatching eggs, 5 29 gallon tanks for raising fry to pea size, 4 125 gallon tanks for raising pea sized fry to dime size, 1 20 gallon photo tank, and 1 55 gallon and 110 gallon tank used for housing adults or special projects.   My koi quarantine tank, a 6 foot round 450 gallon "pool" is also kept in this area.  It is used for quarantining koi prior to adding them to my pond.  Most of the time it also serves as a growout for large angels.  Not shown in the drawing is a fresh water drip system that feeds the tanks outside of the main hatchery room, and reaches the center row of tanks in each of the 3 racks.  Breeder pairs that are often allowed to raise their young are kept in these drip tanks. 

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