Tank Racks



This is my main tank rack.  It holds 18 29 gallon tanks and measures 86 1/2" wide, 68 3/4" high, and 24" wide.  The design was modified from plans drawn by Scott Saunders of Oodles of Angels, in order to accommodate the sump basins underneath the bottom row of tanks.  Construction is of pressure treated two by fours.  All joints except for the cross bracing are glued with pressure treated lumber compatible glue, and nailed with galvanized nails.  The cross braces are screwed in place using steel angle brackets, 6 inches by 1 1/8 inches.  Galvanized would be preferable but more expensive.  A measured drawing is available here.  If under tank sumps are not used then the bottom 9 inch legs are unnecessary.  This will lower the upper tanks making them more accessible.  In order to still be able to work on the upper row of tanks at least 6 inches of space preferably more is needed above the top of the tank.  The hatchery contains 5 1/2 of these racks, with 99 potential tank spaces.  The room was a few inches short of allowing 2 full racks side by side, so two racks were combined into one.  The junction between the 2 racks was replaced with one vertical member instead of two.  Each side of the rack supported over half of the width of this leg.  Except for having to work with frames almost twice as long as a single rack, no problems have occurred.

4 foot fluorescent strip lights are attached to the inside of the upper two front horizontal beams to light the middle and lower tanks.  The upper row of tanks are lit by room lighting, four 18 watt fluorescent flood lights in high hat fixtures.

Two Tank Racks
Additional simple two tank racks have been built with the same construction method.  These are simple rectangular frames separated by the same style of cross bracing.  Two six foot racks hold two 125 gallon tanks top and bottom, and one four foot rack holds a 110 gallon tank on top and a 55 below, although a 75 would also fit.