get_in_line.jpg (91591 bytes)

A group of adults facing into the current created by filling the tank :)


Albino silver ghost pairing up


icicles.jpg (42134 bytes)

Hanging the kids from an airline like icicles at Christmas time.


Albino silver ghost, probably a male.


Jimmy.jpg (98447 bytes)

A few fry with parents in a 29 gallon tank.


Same fish likely the male.



waitforfood.jpg (68400 bytes)

Fry waiting for brine shrimp that is pumped into tank throughout the day.


Pair, female in front.


dosing pump.jpg (119449 bytes)

Feeding pump used to feed baby brine shrimp for 12 hrs a day.

DgZ+VV.jpg (237539 bytes)

How long is your tail?

meage et trois.jpg (185037 bytes)

Ménage et trois plus 1